Kundi Africa Corp and Africa Holding Partners Assistance promote Moroccan Clinics

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In the wake of the Moroccan offensive towards the sub-Saharan Africa countries, new opportunities are being explored by Kundi Africa. In February 2017, an agreement has been signed with Africa Holding Partners Assistance, a Moroccan company based in Casablanca.

Africa Holding Partners Assistance is specialized in promoting Moroccan clinics in Sub-Saharan Africa and was looking for a partner in this development process. Moroccan clinics, renowned for their professionalism and international standards, are already attracting a Mediterranean and Arab clientele. Their search for growth therefore turned to sub-Saharan Africa. Kundi Africa Corp has naturally offered its services to accompany AHPA through a joint venture, Atlas Partners, which is expected to set up in several markets rapidly (Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria). According to recent data, 60,000 Nigerians travel abroad every year to spend about 120 billion Naira in medical treatment. 47% of this amount goes to India while the rest is shared between Europe, Asia, the USA, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, etc. This means the enormous potential of this market.

The two partners expect to rely on Morocco’s proximity to the countries of Africa to gain market share in this industry. Several partnerships are already being negotiated with local players to ensure a broad integration of all stakeholders for a harmonious deployment.