The CEO of Kundi Africa is involved in the creation of the Morocco Africa Business Club

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Sub-Saharan businessmen united themselves to form the Morocco Africa Business Club in September 2016. Back to 2014, Adressof the Throne, His Majesty King Mohamed VI of Morocco, clearly expressed his willingness to intensify trade between his country and the rest of Africa. In this dynamic, Moroccan and Sub-Saharan economic operators have created the Morocco Africa Business Club. The objective of this association is to facilitate the commercial and economic integration of Morocco in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With its headquarters in Lomé, the club will provide detailed economic and financial information on African countries, promote B to B meetings, assess the level of collaboration between economic operators, assist its members in research or development of business opportunities and all other missions promoting cooperation between Morocco and the rest of Africa. Since its launch, the club has enjoyed a strong adhesion on social networks and through the numerous correspondences received at the secretariat of the Morocco Africa Business Club.

The CEO of Kundi Africa took an active part in the advent of this club. Indeed, because of the activities of the companies in which he is involved, he has developed numerous relationships with Moroccan business with whom he has appreciated the interest of working together to form a group for the economic development of Countries of Africa. He continues to be involved to this day as co-president of the Club.