The development of business projects in Africa is a journey of the combatant because of the complexity of access to investment, but more of the lack of access to the much-needed professional services. Kundi Africa was created out of the desire of African businessmen to set up a bridge between project promoters, investors and professional service providers. Our mission is to contribute to the strengthening of the African economy by providing different solutions to the problems encountered by the clear majority of entrepreneurs; Those excluded from the mechanisms of investment funds in search of mature projects in millions of dollars. Since 2012, Through the relationship with different partners, we have affirmed our values and strengthen our character as an organization.


African DNA

We are an African company, desiring to solve the problems faced by African companies. Our approach draws on the differences in our geographical environment to provide perfect execution of each mission. We scrutinize every event in the continent to deduce the consequences for the projects or missions we oversee.


Professional practices

We are at the confluence of several activity fields, so we get inspired from the best professional practices in each of them to guarantee a high standard in each of our interventions. Our commitment to the continued training of our leaders in the best institutions in the world, is another step in that direction.



Transparency and sincerity are key principles in the relationship with our partners. Trust is the feeling we want to inspire to our partners by relying on modern procedures, a quality control team and an annual audit. We open ourselves to the control of our partners to strengthen the value sharing.


The long-term vision

The builders who we are, value a commitment in the long term. Our markets require patience and long-term construction to build viable projects. This approach also makes it possible to select our partners by ensuring that they have understood our decisions and choices. "Long termgreed" the true definition of this value, means for us that our approach is the rejection of immediate profits for more important results in the long term.



Kundi Africa Corp. is a company of enthusiasts, all chosen because of their commitment to Africa, of their professional versatility and their ability to bring innovative solutions in an environment marked by its specificity.

The local talents in our team come from different academic and professional background to ensure diversity, a guarantee of productivity. Our DNA makes us give priority to Africans of birth or "heart".



The synergy of several organizations allows us to provide unparalleled geographical coverage, deliver more and more services and ensure a unique responsiveness. Our common procedure guarantee us a uniform treatment of your requests. We work with different professionals and specialists. The diversity of our partners reflects our passion, and their loyalty, our involvement.



The African context is constantly changing and we are developing response mechanisms to meet all our clients' needs for deployment in Africa. This involves several mechanisms:

Consultancy: We mobilize on behalf of our clients, experienced experts with a perfect experience of local markets to assist them directly in the field.

Joint venture: The relationship with the client when it requires it, goes as far as the creation of joint venture to address a specific need over a given duration. This calls for mutual understanding. It can also take the form of the creation of a company to serve exclusively as a relay to clients.

Connection: The most solicited mechanism is the connection. It can be an action towards decision-makers, local partners, service providers. Our teams identify and assess the potentials contacts to choose the best to meet the requirements.

Assistance: Assistance is a form of relationship which guarantees a higher level of involvement from us, especially in the setting up and development phases where public procedures can be a challenge and where documentation can represent obstacles to the promptness required in these cases.


We support the diversity of our clients, from service to production. However, we have preferences for some sectors. We develop competences in these fields so that we can guarantee a seamless design, careful execution and thorough control for each task entrusted to us.

We continually strive for exceptional talent and thus extend our skills to cover more sectors.


At Kundi Africa, we are a professional services company whose activities rely on our high values ​​and clearly defined mechanisms to ensure client results. Our missions are there to help private organizations flourish despite sometimes challenging contexts. We are trained to precede, accompany, supplement or strengthen these organizations in African countries.


Sourcing investment or identify projects to finance are the two dilemmas of the investment sector and we have the capacity to serve on both sides. We are your main ally on both sides, in the offer or in the demand.


The world has changed, decisions are no longer the result of common sense. They rely more and more on detailed data, which are even more rare in Africa. We work by acquiring data or directly collecting them, to allow you to make the best decisions for the development of your organizations.

Public Relations & Lobbying

We have a network of contacts in decision-making circles and influential media in Africa. This network allows us to work easily to build your reputation, to broadcast your messages and to facilitate the decisive encounters for the success of your projects.

Strategy consulting

We can build with you, a strategy that defines your organization. Build winning and performing organizations through key functions: Technology, Operations, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance; is the essence of our consulting business.


We can supplement you by offering to outsource some of your functions. The solutions, we offer, use different mechanisms depending on the case. We mobilize all resources to carry out the projects entrusted to us.


Kundi Africa Corp and Africa Holding Partners Assistance promote Moroccan Clinics

In the wake of the Moroccan offensive towards the sub-Saharan Africa countries, new opportunities are being explored by Kundi Africa. In February 2017, an agreement has been signed with Africa Holding Partners Assistance, a Moroccan company based in Casablanca. Africa Holding Partners Assistance is specialized in promoting Moroccan clinics in Sub-Saharan Africa and was looking […]

Inauguration of the President of Ghana, Kwame SENOU supports the new dynamic

In December, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo became the 5th President of the 4th Republic in Ghana. The new Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was sworn in on Saturday 7 January before some 20 heads of state, more than six thousand guests gathered at the Independence Square in Accra. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, draped […]

Prospection visit to Rwanda, opportunities identified

Rwanda has been at the heart of all the investors’ attention and of the different rankings in recent years. “GDP per capita has increased fivefold over the past 20 years. At the same time, in recent years, the poverty rate has fallen by about 25% and inequalities have been reduced,”says the World Bank. “Some people […]

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Because numbers speak better than letters, here are the figures that characterize us. Ever since we exist.




Generosity and social responsibility are strong values ​​that link our communities in Africa. At Kundi Africa Corp., based on our DNA, we adhere fully to these values ​​and have decidedfrom the beginning, to set up the foundation, alongside with our business activities. Impacting the education of children and participating in women's development is ourmission.

Kundi Africa Foundation gives women the tools they need to empower themselves and help children in their education.Our vision is twofold: to believe that Africa's economic development requires a mastery of management rules, and that the promotion of professional training is the first step towards the attractiveness of our markets. To do this, we work continuously with public and private actors interested in these issues.


To find out more about the foundation : www.kundiafrica.org




We are working to cover all the regions of Africa.

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